Storyboard Animatic: Hazumi - This was one of my finals from MCAD, and its still probably my favorite project from when I was a student there. I borrowed an off-vocal version of DATEKEN's "Tsumugi Uta" for the musical part of the sound track, and either bought or created the rest of the sound effects myself. The whole thing was drawn in Photoshop CS4, and animated in Adobe AfterEffects.



Storyboard: Eeb - This is only half of a storyboard exercise, but it's still super cute. The protagonist is a little root guy named "Eeb", who is trying desperately to get some sunlight on his poor houseplant. He lives in the study of one snarly-toothed crocodile man, and his really gross parrot. Will Eeb succeed? ...will we ever know??



Animation: Coby!! - My first animation project at MCAD had me using final cut, and working out the timing on paper to a musical score I composed myself. I had wanted to do the whole thing as a stop motion piece - all of the shapes started out as big construction paper cut-outs. It didn't go so well! So instead, I put it together frame by frame in Photoshop. I wish I understood what the timeline did back then, this would have been a lot easier. But it was still fun!



Animation: Mango - Last up, a flipbook I drew starring a bird belonging to a friend of mine. Said bird also ate the title card. Such a happy little hole puncher!